Ready For Your Close-Up?

At Just Boothed, we want to offer your guests a fun experience that also gets their good side every time. Coming from a professional photography background, we know what looks good and we know how to deliver it. That’s why we use one of the most advanced photobooths on the market, delivering exceptional snaps in a convenient, easy-to-operate package.

Only the best equipment

We use The Original Retro Photo Booth.

Custom-designed and manufactured by Sydney’s own Red Robot Industries, this booth combines the latest in DSLR camera technology with intelligent lighting and printing for a crystal-clear, grain-free shot each and every time. Ensure your memories are as sharp as possible with help from Just Boothed.

A stylish addition to any party

The Original Retro Photo Booth doesn’t just work well, it looks great. Its clean, modern design blends seamlessly into any décor, making it an unobtrusive but oh-so-important addition to any space. Combined with one of our colourful backdrops, you have something that adds fun, colour and style to your next party.

Lending a helping hand

We back up our equipment with high-quality technicians. At Just Boothed, our attendants go out of our way to add that personal touch – providing the human element that makes your photos pop. We’ll help get the best out of our booth so everyone can look absolutely stunning. For larger events, we can offer the services of a second attendant helping to keep things moving efficiently so more people can take home a memory.


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