Fun, Colourful Backdrops

Every masterpiece needs a frame! At Just Boothed, we offer a range of backdrops to suit every event. Elegant and stylish, bright and poppy, rich and lustrous, there’s something to suit every tone, every style, and every taste in our collection! Take a look below for a sample of our range!

Something for every occasion

Our range runs from classy black and white to oh-so-sparkly sequins, colourful faux flowers and fun graphics, allowing you to set the tone for your photographs. What kind of party are you throwing? A sophisticated corporate do? A wild birthday bash? How about something themed? Whatever it is, we’ve got a backdrop to match!

Make it your day

Still can’t find what you need? We’ve got you! Just Boothed offers an affordable custom backdrop printing service, meaning you can get something that’s totally you. Perfect for weddings, corporate events and milestone birthdays, you’ll always remember when those photos were taken with our custom backdrops.


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